The Team

President - Muhammed Rashid Jamal

Favourite pop-tart flavour: Chocolate mocha
Life after Concordia: real estate developer, focusing on social housing projects
Favourite place in the world: London
Coffee: cappuccino
Favourite colour: black
Dream place to live: anywhere and everywhere
Marvel or DC?: Marvel 

VP Academic - Aaron Bensmihen

Favourite pop-tart flavour: S’mores
Life after Concordia: Master’s life, but hopefully I’ll get to teach and raise the next generation
Favourite place in the world: studio, Sainte-Anne de Bellevue at sunset or Avenue Pitfield to watch the planes
Coffee: mocha
Favourite colour: burgundy
Dream place to live: Vancouver
Marvel or DC?: Marvel (I am... Ironman...)

VP Finance - Pina Buonamici

Favourite pop-tart flavour: S’mores
Life after Concordia: Master’s Life at McGill
Favourite place in the city: Clock Tower Beach
Coffee: Iced Caramel Macchiato
Favourite colour: blue/grey
Dream place to live: Chicago/Bora Bora
Marvel or DC?: Marvel

VP Admin - Anne-Marie Lortie

Favourite pop-tart flavour: has only had one
Life after Concordia: heading for the masters
Favourite place in the world: Lachine canal, Atwater market
Coffee: black, one sugar (or honey)
Favourite colour: orange
Dream place to live: near the sea, Italy to retire drink wine and eat spaghetti
Marvel or DC?: None of the above, because Disney!

VP Social - Zaki Choueke

Favourite pop-tart flavour: Chocolate
Life after Concordia: probably grad school 
Favourite place in the world: Sydney
Coffee: no thank you, I don't like coffee unless it's in a tiramisu
Favourite colour: purple
Dream place to live: Sydney
Marvel or DC?: DC

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